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The Grace and Spirit of the Navajo Wedding Basket

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Welcome to Touch of Tradition®. Our Navajo wedding line is designed to tie in cultural tradition with the elegance of today’s modern bride. The Navajo wedding basket design is authentically hand-beaded by Native American Indians and incorporated into contemporary wedding attire and accessories: gowns, guest books, ring pillows, and flower girl baskets. We are dedicated to offering a collection of rich fabrics and elegant enhancements along with a Touch of Tradition®. We hope our Navajo wedding design will be the luxurious heirloom that captivates your heart while keeping your tradition alive.

Touch of Tradition® can be incorporated into any Native American Wedding theme: Cherokee weddings, Hopi weddings, Pueblo weddings, Apache weddings, Navajo weddings, or Zuni weddings. Native American tribes can now enjoy a Touch of Tradition®.

The Touch of Tradition® Native American Wedding Line

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Our fabric is embroidered and hand-beaded with genuine turquoise, coral, cultured mother of pearl, sequins and a variety of beads to accent the design. In addition, we offer a wide selection of delicate beaded jewelry.

The Navajo Wedding Basket

The Navajo Wedding Basket

The Navajo Wedding Basket is viewed as a map through which the Navajo chart their lives. The central spot in the basket represents the sip apu, where the Navajo people emerged from the prior world through a reed. The inner coils of the basket are white to represent birth. As you travel outward on the coils you begin to encounter more and more black. The black represents darkness, struggle and pain. As you make your way through the darkness you eventually reach the red bands, which represent marriage; the mixing of your blood with your spouse and creation of family. The red is pure. During this time there is no darkness. Traveling out a familial bands you encounter more darkness, however, the darkness is interspersed with white light. The light represents increasing enlightenment, which expands until you enter the all white banding of the outer rim. This banding represents the spirit world, where there is no darkness. The line from the center of the basket to the outer rim is there to remind you that no matter how much darkness you encounter in your world, there is always a pathway to the light.

This pathway during ceremonies is always pointed east. The last coil on the basket rim is finished off at this pathway to allow the medicine man to easily locate it in darkness.

In Beauty may she walk.
All day long may she walk.
Through the returning seasons may she walk.
Beautifully will she possess again.
Beautifully birds… Beautifully joyful birds...
On the trail marked with pollen may she walk.
With grasshoppers about her feet may she walk.
With dew about her feet may she walk.

Walk in Beauty

Walk in Beauty
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